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Buey Pro 105 Wide Tooth Hair Comb

Lucky Hare Shears

Buey Pro 105 Wide Tooth Hair Comb

$ 7.50

Buey Pro 105 Wide Tooth Hair Comb

Quality professional styling comb. Anti-Static, Chemical and Heat Resistant

The Beuy Pro 105 is a classic Japanese dry hair cutting comb. This comb features larger spacing in its teeth which allow it to comb out larger sections and cut for less tension. The Beuy Pro 105 is also great for curly hair clients because the wider spacing disrupts the curl groups less and puts less tension on the hair so its cut more to its natural state. The lower tension teeth are also great for perimeter cuts, one lengths and bobs. It doesn’t stretch the hair keeping your lines clean, saving you time blow drying. The combs plastic is heat, chemical and static resistant so it is perfect for all your needs.

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