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Who is Sharpening Your Shears?

Factory level sharpening and servicing of high quality Japanese style shears require specialized tools and equipment.  Sharpening shears of high grade stainless steel involves multiple water-cooled honing operations, skilled work on a series of sharpening whetstones, and buffing operations.   Itinerant sharpeners are simply not equipped to re-condition and sharpen shears as well as a fully equipped service center.  This is particularly true if they are carrying their tools and sharpening in the salon.  A single sharpening from an inexperienced and inadequately equipped sharpener can take years off a pair shears in an instant if not ruin them altogether.  Worse yet, the shears may...

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Essential Shear Set for Every Stylists

Every stylists should have four basic shear styles in their professional shear set.  They are a short straight shear, a longer straight shear, a closely spaced thinning shear in the 30-40  teeth range, and texturing shear having more spacing between the teeth in the 24 teeth range. 1)  The 5.0" or 5.5" shorter straight shear is well suited for detailed precision cutting. This length shear allows more deftness in cutting at various angles.   The shorter length blade is well suited for point cutting and finishing touches. 2)  The 6.5" or 7.0" longer straight shear is well suited for bob-line cutting, bangs, back of...

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Are Expensive Shears Worth It?

Lucky Hare Shears offers the finest quality in professional shears in the range of $150-$300.  These are precision instruments made of finest in alloyed Japanese stainless steel.  Their performance and durability stand side by side with any shear on the market. Apple’s Steve Job in an interview referred to the “dynamic range” of products.  This term refers to how much better one competing product is over another.  His point was that after most products achieve a certain level of quality, added improvements have less overall effect on the actual overall value of the product, a smaller dynamic range.   As...

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The Right Tension on Your Shears Makes All the Difference

Tension Adjustment is Critical to Shear Performance Professional shears are precision instruments.  As is any precision instrument proper adjustment of the tension between the blades is necessary for optimum performance. Most shears we receive at the Lucky Hare Factory Service Center for servicing are out of adjustment.   Shear blades are design with a slight curvature so that when screwed together there is a degree of spring force that keeps the cutting edges in contact throughout the cutting stroke.  This is called the “set” of the blades.  If shears are too loose, this spring force is lost and the edges lose...

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