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About Lucky Hare Shears

Since its inception in 2000, Lucky Hare Shears has earned a distinct niche in the haircutting shear market.  A devoted following of haircutting professionals appreciate and rely on Lucky Hare as their trusted source for the finest in precision shears at the most affordable prices with great personalized customer service.  

Lucky Hare Shears was purchased by Fine Edge LLC located in Glen Arm, Maryland in Feb. 2015. Mark Deaton is president of Fine Edge LLC, Lucky Hare Shears, and Fine Edge Salon Sharpening Service. Mark is a mechanical engineer who started a shear sharpening business in Dayton, Ohio in 1985. During this time he obtained a US Patent for a shear sharpening machine for hair cutting shears. Mark's background in engineering gives Lucky Hare Shears the technical expertise as it can be applied to shear metallurgy, movement hardware, and the manufacturing process. He is factory certified in shear sharpening and repair service.

Lucky Hare Shears has its origins as a family business owned and operated by George Harris and father-in-law Mike Mazzola.  Together they represented 60 years of combined experience in professional shear sales and service.

Mike Mazzola's extensive background in the hair care industry was a key factor in establishing the Lucky Hare brand.  During his thirty-five years in the hair care industry, Mike owned a beauty supply house, he owned a salon, was a salon designer, and also worked as a hairdresser and master barber.  Mike also produced and directed multiple beauty/ hair shows.

In May 2000, George formed Salon Sharpening Service Company, a company dedicated to serving the shear, accessory, and service needs of professional stylists and salon owners. The design, manufacturing, and the marketing of The Lucky Hare Shear lines then emerged to be the central focus of the company.

Since its inception, Lucky Hare Shears has established a reputation of providing elegantly styled, high quality professional shears at affordable prices.

Lucky Hare Shears are Japanese convex edge style and are made from the finest Hitachi 420C, 440C, VG-10, and ATS-314 Japanese cobalt alloyed stainless steel. We offer three lines of shears in progressively increasing quality of steel and pricing. The Vachi line(formerly the Performer line) is made of 420C Japanese cobalt stainless steel and is affordably priced. The Katana line is our most popular line and is made from 440C cobalt Japanese stainless steel. The Sakai line is the next step up and is made from primarily VG10 cobalt Japanese stainless steel.

Lucky Hare Shears offers a variety of hair cutting scissors and thinning shears for the professional Hair Stylist. We offer hair cutting shears ranging in size from 5.0" to 7". We offer thinning shears, including our 9-teeth and 23-teeth texturing and blending shears, and our 30-teeth and  33-teeth thinning hears.

Lucky Hare Shears also offers rotating swivel thumb haircutting shears in the Katana line that are the latest technology in ergonomic design for comfort, prevention, and relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or from similar repetitive motion discomfort. Lucky Hare Shears also provides a selection of left handed haircutting shears and thinning scissors in the Vachi line.

All Lucky Hare Shears are hand crafted by highly skilled craftsmen according to our requirements. Every Lucky Hare Shear hair scissor and thinning shear is carefully inspected before shipping to customers. This enables us to offer with confidence a lifetime warranty on parts, materials and workmanship for all Lucky Hare Shears. 

Lucky Hare Shears not only sells hair cutting scissors and shears, we also service them to factory specifications at our Factory Service Center located in Glen Arm, MD.  Fine Edge Salon Sharpening Service serves stylists within the Baltimore area.   Our experience and knowledge of the manufacturing process is the key to servicing of shears at or near factory new specifications.

Lucky Hare Shears are the perfect balance in Elegance, Quality, and Affordability. Our Mission is to be professional hair stylists' trusted source for affordable, premium quality hair scissors and servicing. Lucky Hare Shears strives to provide excellent customer service that leads to 100% customer satisfaction.