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The Essential Shear Set for Every Stylists

Every stylists should have four basic shear styles in their professional shear set.  They are a short straight shear, a longer straight shear, a closely spaced thinning shear in the 30-40  teeth range, and texturing shear having more spacing between the teeth in the 24 teeth range.

1)  The 5.0" or 5.5" shorter straight shear is well suited for detailed precision cutting. This length shear allows more deftness in cutting at various angles.   The shorter length blade is well suited for point cutting and finishing touches.

2)  The 6.5" or 7.0" longer straight shear is well suited for bob-line cutting, bangs, back of the neck, shoulder line cutting for long hair, and scissor-over-comb cutting.  The longer blades achieves in fewer cuts the desired line in the hair style.  This length of shear is also preferred for cutting along the skin and around the face with your hand comfortably away from the face.

3)  Thinning shears of greater than 30 teeth with less spacing between teeth are utilized for adjusting and fine tuning weight and volume with precision. The finer spacing of the teeth allows for a greater degree of subtlety in blending.  

4)  Texturing shear of less than 30 teeth with more spacing between teeth are useful for more aggressive texturing and blending adjustments in greater increments to achieve desired weight and volume adjustment.  The more generous spacing of the teeth aids in the ability to add a greater degree of texture with more control and precision. 

Professional hair styling is an art that requires a shear set where each shear in the set has a role in performing the various sculpturing and styling techniques with ease and comfort.


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