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Scissor Care

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It is important to handle shears as a delicate instrument. Protecting the cutting edge is paramount. The most basic measure for protecting the edge is to keep them closed and handle them gently when not in use. A nice padded case is an excellent investment. All steel wears and scissors inevitably begin to dull with use. When haircutting shears begin to dull, hair will slide and bend rather than cut smoothly and effortlessly. Most professional Hair Stylists generally have their haircutting shears sharpened every 2 - 4 months depending on the amount of use, quality of steel, and care.

Daily care:

  1. Clean and oil your scissors after each day’s use with quality organic oil such as Camilla or Mineral Oil. A few drops into ride surfaces at the screw head will do wonders for smooth operation and preserving the movement hardware. Oil can also displace unwanted moisture and chemicals from the movement.
  2. Clean and carefully wipe your hair scissors after every haircut. These simple measures will serve your beautiful shears well.
  3. Check the tension of your shears periodically. If the tension is too tight the shears will be uncomfortable. If they are too loose, the cutting action will be adversely affected. Even new shears that are too loose could fold and bend hair instead of cutting. Extremely loose shears could actually damage the edge.
  4. Adjusting Shear: With the blades fully open and positioned to fall closed, the handle should just begin to fall but not close on its own.
  5. Replace missing or worn parts as soon as possible. Worn or missing bumpers can affect the set and cutting action at the tips. A worn or missing movement washer can affect the smoothness of operation. A worn or missing washer may also cause improper alignment and interaction of the blades as well as hinder your ability to properly adjust the tension.

Common Causes of premature dulling:

  1. Improper Storage
  2. Improper Care and Maintenance
  3. Improperly Adjusted Blades
  4. Nicks and damage to fine cutting edge
  5. Dropping
  6. Cutting material other than hair
  7. Worn or missing movement parts

Please print out the Lucky Hare Shear Care Poster to post in your salon.