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Who is Sharpening Your Shears?

Factory level sharpening and servicing of high quality Japanese style shears require specialized tools and equipment.  Sharpening shears of high grade stainless steel involves multiple water-cooled honing operations, skilled work on a series of sharpening whetstones, and buffing operations.  

Itinerant sharpeners are simply not equipped to re-condition and sharpen shears as well as a fully equipped service center.  This is particularly true if they are carrying their tools and sharpening in the salon.  A single sharpening from an inexperienced and inadequately equipped sharpener can take years off a pair shears in an instant if not ruin them altogether.  Worse yet, the shears may not even cut.

Lucky Hare Shears has a fully equipped Factory Service Center located in Glen Arm, Maryland and can service all makes of shears at or near factory specifications.  Any replacement parts such as bumpers and movement washers are included at no charge.  Return shipping, insurance, and handling is FREE.  All work in fully guaranteed.

Lucky Hare National Sharpening Service


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