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Are Expensive Shears Worth It?

Lucky Hare Shears offers the finest quality in professional shears in the range of $150-$300.  These are precision instruments made of finest in alloyed Japanese stainless steel.  Their performance and durability stand side by side with any shear on the market.

Apple’s Steve Job in an interview referred to the “dynamic range” of products.  This term refers to how much better one competing product is over another.  His point was that after most products achieve a certain level of quality, added improvements have less overall effect on the actual overall value of the product, a smaller dynamic range.  

As an example, everyone would agree that a Mercedes Benz is a better car than a Honda Accord.  The dynamic range is actually how much better.  10% ?  20% ?  50% ?    As you may know, the Mercedes will likely cost twice as much implying a dynamic range of 100%.

Steve Job’s, of course, maintain that the dynamic range in computer technology was larger than in most other products and the higher pricing of Apple products was good value even though they were significantly more expensive.

This is not the case in professional shears.  Scissors as a mechanism is not particularly complicated.  Yes, the quality of the steel matters.  Craftsmanship and special forging of the shear design add some cost as well.  However, these additional manufacturing costs are simply not as significant as the pricing of higher quality shears implies.

When paying for professional shears in the range of $400-$1000, you would be expecting shears that are twice as good or more.  On a blind test, when comparing Lucky Hare Shears’ quality to expensive shears commonly found in the market it may be quite challenging to discern which shear was the more expensive shear.

Stylists have told me, after having purchase expensive shears and trying a Lucky Hare shear, they judge our shear to actually be the better shear.

Sometimes marketing and pricing is more a matter of perception and mark up than offering fair value for achieving and providing incremental improvements in quality, the dynamic range.

Are expensive shears worth it?  At best, it's a gamble.

Lucky Hare Shears mission is to provide not only the finest professional shears on the market but also the best value in shears.  We like to think our shears would win blind tests with any shear on the market including the most expensive.  We proudly complement this with the finest in personalized customer service.


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