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Lucky Hare Shears Professional Sharpening Service

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The Lucky Hare Shears Factory Service Center is equipped and certified to sharpen and re-condition shears of all makes and styles including thinning and texturing shears.  We specialize in precision Japanese convex edge shears.  Our specialized equipment has water-cooled honing heads that prevents "burning" or overheating of the blades,  This preserves the temper of the steel that is vital to maintaining a fine durable cutting edge. Worn movement parts such as the set washer and rubber bumber/silencer are replaced at no additional charge.  All service is backed by our exclusive Money-Back Guarantee.

Payment is easy by credit card through the online store.  PAYMENT

Return Shipping, Tracking, Insurance, & Handling are FREE.

Sharpening Pricing:

$30 First pair and $25 for each additional pair.

Examples:   1 shear - $30,   2 shears - $55,   3 shears - $80,   4 shears - $105,   5 shears - $130


  1. Print out and complete the Sharpening Service Request Form.
  2. It is preferred that you prepay through the online store.  Alternately, Write out a check payable to: Mark Deaton
  3. Wrap shears in layers of paper towels and place in a 6 x 9 cushioned bubble mailer envelope with the Sharpening Service Request Form and check or money order if you have not prepaid through the online store.
  4. Ship by U.S. Postal Service First-Class Package as "Package/Large Envelope"
  5. Ship To:

Mark Deaton
Lucky Hare Shears
4106 Halifax Ct.
Glen Arm, MD 21057

6.  Within 2 business days your shears will be serviced and shipped back.

Each sharpening is an 11 step process:

  1. Each shear first undergoes a thorough initial assessment that includes the condition of each blade, appropriateness of the edge angle, the wear of the edge, the spring set of the blades, the engagement and roundness of the tips', and a baseline cutting test.
  2. The shear are then disassembled and the movement parts are inspected.
  3. The inner ride surface of each blade is cleaned with a soft polishing to remove any buildup of hair or chemical residue.
  4. Each blade is fine wet-honed and polished to the correct cutting angle consistent with the design of the blade.
  5. Worn movement parts such as the set washer and rubber bumber/silencer are replace as needed.
  6. Each blade is cleaned and the blades are re-assembled.
  7. The tips are then checked for appropriate overlap engagement and rounded smooth as needed.
  8. The set of the blades are checked for appropriate spring contact.
  9. The tension is set and adjusted.
  10. A 'cut test' is performed on both dry hair and wet hair for slippage or pushing of hair.
  11. The shears are then lubricated with camilla oil and wiped clean.

Sharpening Service Request Form »

 If you have any questions about the sharpening of your shears please feel free to contact us