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Katana KS-15 33T Titanium Coated 33 Teeth Thinning Shear

Lucky Hare Shears

Katana KS-15 33T Titanium Coated 33 Teeth Thinning Shear

$ 80.00 $ 120.00

Upgrade your thinning shear tool with this beautiful 33 teeth Titanium thinning shear at an incredible price.  True to Lucky Hare Shears Katana quality this shear will be a terrific addition to any stylist's tool kit at a price that will bring a smile to your face with each use. Retailed at $200!   While this is a closeout shear as Lucky Hare Shears will no longer offer Titanium shears, it is protected by Lucky Hare Shears' full Warranty and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Katana shear is the mainstay of Lucky Hare Shears and is the best-selling shear line. Katana shears are beautifully forged and crafted from Hitachi Japanese cobalt alloy stainless steel for quality, performance, and durability. It's most often cited by a devoted following in online reviews across the web. The Katana is especially noted for its smooth and silky cutting action. The "Katana feel" stands for the shear's special balance between weight, feel, and cutting dynamic.

This KS-15  33T  thinning shear features traditional V-style teeth on the receiving blade. The cutting blade is convexed and polished to a razor sharp edge. Weight and volume adjusting can be done with precision. The finer spacing of the 33 teeth thinning shear allows for more subtlety in blending. This thinning shear is crafted to give the same elegant feel and balance found in all Lucky Hare Shears.

Cutting Blade Design: The cutting blade is forged and finely polished into the traditional and popular Japanese convex edge and are hollow-ground on the inside of each blade to give a razor sharp cutting action day in and day out.

Handle Design: The handles are “offset” for holding the shears in a more natural and comfortable hand position. This puts less stress on the thumb tendon and helps reduce the risk of repetitive motion CTS.

Adjusting System: Our popular dial-spring-leaf-tension system allows for easy adjustment without a tool and holds the desired tension setting securely.

Removable Finger Rest: The finger rest is removable to suit a wider variety of cutting styles.Remove as needed by simply unscrewing the finger rest.

Sculptured Handle: The shank of the handle has been contoured to provide a “groove” for the middle finger and the index finger to create more control and feel.

While quantities last, let your colleagues know about this find. 

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