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Shear Care Kit

Lucky Hare Shears

Shear Care Kit

$ 8.00

Lucky Hare Shears' popular Shear Care Kit promotes seeing and caring for your shears as the precision professional instruments they are.  The kit includes Camellia shear oil, compact shear brush, micro fiber cleaning cloth, the popular Shear Care Card, and a set of spare sizing rings.  All items come in a cute colorful vinyl case for convenient storage.

Camellia shear oil in a 6cc leak-proof bottle with dropper:  Camellia Oil is well known worldwide to be the finest lubricant for professional shears. The use of Camellia Oil as a tool lubricant dates back centuries and was used by Samurai in Japan for preventing corrosion on their swords. Camellia Oil is a natural, organic oil extracted from the tea leaves of the Camellia sinensis tree.

Clean and oil your shears daily. Oiling shears daily keeps the movement dynamics of the shears operating smoothly, prevents corrosion, and displaces hair and corrosive chemicals from building up in the pivot area.

Application: With scissors fully opened and tips pointing down, apply one full drop of oil so as to be drawn into and run down into the pivot area of the shears. Add another drop to the screw assembly area. Work the shears several times to allow the oil to work into and fully coat the pivot assembly and riding surfaces between the blades. Wipe shears SLOWLY and CAREFULLY with a well folded polishing cloth.

Shear Brush & Micro Fiber Cloth: Brush and wipe your shears down after each day's use.  This kit includes a compact brush with cover to brush the blades and pivot area clean.  Also included is a micro fiber cloth than can double to wipe clean your smart phone screen.  

Shear Care Card:  Our popular Shear Care Card succinctly outlines 4 simple practices for protecting and caring for your professional shears. It is important to think of and to handle your shears as a delicate instruments. Printed on durable glossy card stock for placing in your tool drawer or styling station.

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